Animal Symbolism in Logo Design – A Big Branding Trend

Animal symbolism is a very common way of branding because it’s been proven over time to work.

Using animals in your logo helps to create a strong brand identity and it can represent many different things, so you should always consider using animal symbolism as part of your design process.

Animals are very common in branding, as they have been used for thousands of years. Animals represent many different things and can be used to express the values and beliefs of a brand. Using animals in your logo can help create a strong brand identity.

What is animal symbolism in Logo Design?

Animal symbolism is a common theme used in logo design. But what does it really mean to use animals in your logos? There are many ways that you can use animal symbolism to convey a message, but the most common reason is to convey the core values of your brand.

For example, if you’re designing for an animal charity then using a lion as your logo might be perfect because lions are known for being fiercely loyal and protectors of their home (which could represent how your charity takes care of its cause).

If you’re designing for an insurance company then having an elephant as their mascot would be appropriate since elephants are known as wise creatures who live long lives (which could represent how long-lasting life insurance should be).

Why do big brands use animal symbolism in their Logo?

As a brand, you want to convey your image and message to your audience. You’ve chosen a logo that represents what you do. Maybe it has a little mascot, or maybe it doesn’t. Either way, the animal symbolism in these logos is there for a reason.

It all comes down to what type of qualities are associated with certain animals: power, strength, speed, and agility—all qualities that can be related to sports brands like Nike and Adidas (or even more generally).

This is a great example of how animal symbolism can help convey an image. You’ll notice that Nike and Adidas use lions, but other brands like Puma and Under Armour use tigers. Why? Because they’re both powerful animals with speed and agility, which are all qualities associated with sports brands.

Why use animal symbolism in your logo?

Animals, particularly the common ones that we see in nature, have long been used as symbols in logos. The most popular and well-known of these are the lion, the eagle, and the bull.

There are countless other animals that have been used to represent different companies or organizations over time, including cats, wolves, and even owls.

The real question is why? Why do some brands choose to use animal symbolism in their logo designs? It’s not just because they want their brand to look like something from an animated film (although this can be an added bonus).

There are actually several reasons why you might want to consider using animal symbolism in your own company’s logo design:

  • Connect with your audience – People love animals! Including animals within a brand’s identity helps build a connection between them and those who identify with it; whether it’s those working at the company or people who buy its products/services.
  • Show appreciation for nature – If you’re passionate about wildlife conservation efforts or simply enjoy spending time outdoors observing wildlife then perhaps incorporating an animal into your logo will help convey this message when potential customers see it on social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram where all they need do is a glance at what appears on their newsfeed before moving onto another post which may not quite align with their values so closely (I’m talking about you Kanye West).

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Big Brands Using Animal Symbolism

Here are some prominent companies known for their use of animal symbolism in their logos.

1. Lacoste

Image Credit: Lacoste

The company was founded in 1933 by Frenchman René Lacoste and his brother-in-law André Gillier. At the time, Lacoste was a French tennis player who wanted to create a shirt that would let him play with better freedom.

The brand’s famous logo originated as an embroidered crocodile on one of his first shirts.

Today, Lacoste is best known for its polo shirts and fragrances but also produces clothing, footwear and accessories for men and women.

The brand has been worn by celebrities like John McEnroe, Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis, Jack Nicholson, and Sean Connery—which is no coincidence considering the wild popularity of its iconic logo.

2. Ferrari

Image Credit: Ferrari

Ferrari is well-known for its sports cars and Formula One racing team. The logo is a shield with a prancing horse, which was created by Enzo Ferrari himself before he died in 1988. The company has been around since 1939 and is still going strong today.

The brand is still known for its sleek sports cars and racing team, although it’s also expanded into other areas of fashion like eyewear and fragrances. The company has a number of celebrity fans including Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian West, and Justin Bieber.

The simple design of the logo makes it easy to recognize and remember, even at a distance or in small sizes. It’s also very versatile: you can use it on anything from car posters to clothes to accessories like keychains, watches, or flags!

3. Red Bull

Image Credit: Red Bull

Red Bull is one of the most popular energy drinks in the world. It has been sponsoring sports teams, events, and even its own racing team since it was first introduced in 1987.

The company’s logo is a bull because it represents both an energy drink and a powerful source of strength. The red color represents the “kick” of the product that gives you energy after drinking it.

The history behind Red Bull’s logo is interesting as well -one story suggests that Michael Saler created an image for his friend Dietrich Mateschitz based on an image he saw in another friend’s book on sacred geometry: “It looked like two bulls butting heads with two horns pointing up at each other.”

4. Puma

Image Credit: Puma

The Puma logo is also based on the image of a wildcat. In this case, however, the image represents speed and agility rather than power.

The black and red color scheme used in the company’s logo is also meant to symbolize these qualities, as well as strength and passion.

Puma’s logo uses a different type of animal symbolism than Red Bull’s, but the company still manages to convey its brand values in an effective way.

5. Playboy

Image Credit: Playboy

While the Playboy logo is a rabbit head, it also has a deeper meaning. The rabbit represents fertility and virility, as well as playfulness and fun—all things that go hand in hand with Playboy’s mission statement of being “a lifestyle brand that encourages men to live life to its fullest.”

The first iteration of the bunny was designed by Art Paul for the first issue of Playboy—which was released in 1953—and has remained largely unchanged since then.

The bunny head has become synonymous with the brand itself because it’s immediately recognizable and highly recognizable by consumers.

Playboy’s logo is simple and memorable, which is a key element when considering any brand’s identity.

6. NBC

Image Credit: NBC

The NBC logo is another example of animal symbolism. The peacock, which is the focus of the logo, represents beauty and strength.

The peacock’s deep blue feathers are a reference to the sky and sea—both elements that are associated with NBC’s parent company, General Electric.

The peacock’s feathers also represent the company’s strength and diversity. The peacock is beautiful, but it can also be dangerous—an element that NBC used to promote its shows and programs.

7. Lamborghini

Image Credit: Lamborghini

Lamborghini’s logo is a simple, yet powerful icon that represents the brand. It’s also instantly recognizable, which is a key component of any successful logo.

The red bull (the symbol of courage) on top of the yellow background communicates speed and power, which are two things associated with Lamborghini vehicles.

The bull is also a reference to the brand’s founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini, who was known for being a bold and courageous leader.

8. Royal Stag

Image Credit: Royal Stag

Royal Stag is another example of a simple, yet powerful logo. The deer on top of the crown represents strength and royalty (the crown) while also symbolizing good fortune.

The deer is also a popular animal in Indian culture, which is Royal Stag’s target market. This logo is instantly recognizable and has been able to maintain its brand identity for over 50 years.

This logo is instantly recognizable and communicates what Royal Stag stands for premium Indian whisky made with pure water from the Himalayan glaciers.

9. Burberry

Image Credit: Burberry

The brand was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, who was an avid outdoorsman and loved to hunt for rare furs. Because of this, he incorporated the fox into his brand’s logo as a representation of his love for nature and outdoor pursuits.

Burberry is a luxury brand. The brand has since become synonymous with top-quality products.

In addition to their clothing, accessories, and fragrances, Burberry also sells handbags, wallets, and luggage which are all made from the finest materials and manufactured in Italy.

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10. Jaguar Cars

Image Credit: Jaguar

Jaguar Cars is a British car manufacturer. It was founded in 1922 and is now owned by Indian conglomerate Tata Motors.

Jaguar’s logo features a jaguar leaping across the hood of a car—a symbol of power and agility. As the website of Jaguar explains: “The leaping cat is one of the most recognizable brand images in the world.”

Jaguar’s cars are known for their sleek design and high performance. They are manufactured at the Jaguar Land Rover factory in Solihull, England.

11. Bacardi

Image Credit: Bacardi

The Bacardi rum company’s logo features a bat carrying a red heart in its mouth.

The bat is an animal symbol used by many brands to represent courage, loyalty, and friendship. It also represents Bacardi’s Cuban heritage—the company was founded in Cuba in 1862 by two Spanish entrepreneurs.

Bacardi’s bat logo is known as “the flying heart.” It was created by the Cuban artist Miro in 1944. Bacardi has been using this logo ever since.

12. Twitter

Image Credit: Twitter

The bird in the Twitter logo is a symbol of many things: freedom, creativity, prosperity, communication, and happiness.

It’s also an animal that you find on the floor or in your backyard. Birds have been used as symbols for centuries because they represent so many different things to different people.

The Twitter bird is a blue-and-yellow macaw—a tropical bird that lives in South America. It’s also called the Rufous Hornero because it’s a type of songbird.


In conclusion, animals are powerful symbols that can be used in logo design.

Whether they’re the main focus of a logo or simply part of it, animals have been used throughout history to represent different things.

For example, if you own a pet store, your company may use an animal as its logo to represent companionship and love. On the other hand, if you work for an animal rights organization and want people to associate themselves with protecting animals from harm—as SeaWorld does—then maybe you’d choose another type of creature that has meaning behind it (like whales).

Whether it’s used as their mascot or just as one small aspect of their brand identity, companies have been known for using animals as logos for years now; but why do so many brands choose this path?

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Why do brands use animal logos?

Animal logos serve as a great way to catch the attention of consumers. They can be used to help establish a tone and personality for a brand, and they can also be used to give the feeling that the brand is down-to-earth and relatable.

Which brand logo is an animal?

The brand logo for Twitter is a bird. It’s got a beak and wings, and it’s flying. The beak looks like it’s open, so the bird is probably squawking or making some sort of noise.

What animal is used most in logos?

The animal that is used most in logos is the horse. The reason for this is because of its long association with royalty, power, and nobility.

What animal symbolizes luxury?

There are many animals that symbolize luxury, including the tiger and the peacock. Both of these animals have long been associated with wealth and royalty, and they are often associated with luxury products like jewelry or clothing.

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