12+ Best Photoshop Brushes for Stunning Designs

Photoshop brushes are a fantastic way to give your photographs and artwork that extra bit of polish.
You don’t need to be a designer to use Photoshop.

In fact, you don’t need to be any type of artist at all. If your job description is not “graphic designer,” then you can still make amazing graphics without any artistic skill whatsoever, thanks to Photoshop and its extensive collection of tools and filters.

Remember the tools from middle school art class? The ones covered in dust bunnies beneath your grandma’s basement stairs?

Do you want to see those same tools used to create jaw-dropping signs, flyers, posters, and maybe even business cards for a local pizzeria or dentist’s office? If so, then these design brushes are for you!

What is a Photoshop Brush?

A Photoshop brush is a tool in Adobe Photoshop that allows the user to apply strokes onto a layer just like you would with real make-up brushes.

Brushes are basically swaths of small dots or lines. They can also be represented in large blocks of color with varied edges. Common sizes of the brush include 3 px, 5 px, and 10 px.

In Photoshop, brushes are utilized by the user to create digital art that looks hand drawn with high precision. Brushes can be downloaded from websites such as Brushedrops, or you may create your own brush set. Now you know everything about Photoshop Brushes

Why you should use Photoshop Brushes?

Using brushes is an important part of various graphic designs. They can make your design process faster, easier, and better.

If you want to get a unique design and make others recognize your skills, using brushes is the right way to do this. There are a lot of Photoshop brushes available on the internet but not all of them are good.

Photoshop brushes are always an ace in your sleeve when it comes to finishing up a project. So you should definitely not have any doubts about using them and be a pro at using them.

Best Photoshop Brushes

1. Fur Photoshop Brushes

Best Photoshop Brushes
Image Credit: Evanto Elements

The fur brush is the coolest brush to create amazing fur styles in your design. This brush can create a variety of fur – long or short, thick or thin.

It’s easy to paint with pens or a mouse; you can also create a path and use the ‘Stroke Path’ function. Get fluffy effects easily!

Fur Brush is a quality product, with the latest features to enable you to easily draw your own realistic fur.

2. Basic Pencil Brushes

Best Photoshop Brushes
Image Credit: Evanto Elements

Sketching is a valuable step in the process of creating imagery. It helps you explore ideas and visualize them before you commit to an illustration.

The pencil sketches in this set will help you develop your ideas and create compelling artwork.

The collection is rich with pencil brush options corresponding to a multitude of purposes: hatching, shading, smudging, writing, and more.

The strokes come out realistic, accurately imitating the actual real-life doodling including smudging! To access this feature, open the set of 4 Smudge Tool brushes to see what they can do with the sharp lines. What sketching can do without paper?

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3. Winter Magic Photoshop Brushes

Best Photoshop Brushes
Image Credit: Evanto Elements

These brushes allow you to create unique designs and add fun and color to whatever you are creating.

You can use them for posters, branding and packaging, business cards, logo design, invitations, social media design, greeting cards, and much more!

These brushes look incredible on every design and are perfect for use as a logo for your business, on a product label, or for any other use at all.

4. Digital Linear Waves

Best Photoshop Brushes
Image Credit: Evanto Elements

This set of ten high-quality Adobe Photoshop brushes is designed in a techno-futuristic style depicting the smooth flow of contour-isolated lines.

Thanks to their high resolution (5000+ px), these brushes can be used even for professional digital art and web design projects.

The collection is designed in a techno-futuristic style depicting the smooth flow of contour-isolated lines.

This collection of high-quality Photoshop brushes can be used for many purposes, including creating 3D graphics for digital artworks and commercial projects.

5. Realistic watercolor brushes

Best Photoshop Brushes
Image Credit: Evanto Elements

Brushes that simulate watercolors are easy to use. Just choose a color and control the pressure on the pen. Create unique designs and have fun when painting.

Painting with watercolor brushes is a fun way to personalize art projects such as postcards, flyers, t-shirts, and more. The versatility of watercolors allows for endless design options.

These brushes can be used to realize wild ideas in design, such as clothes prints, wedding invitations and cards, cosmetic branding, and packaging, fashion, and advertising.

6. Acrylic Shapes Brushes

Best Photoshop Brushes
Image Credit: Evanto Elements

Create stunning acrylic stamp effects in your photos with these cool brushes.

This set of 26 grunge brushes is a great addition to any project. Use them as photo overlays or for digital photo manipulation. Use them as visual effects for games or artwork, or as decorative elements!

These Photoshop brush sets include both natural textures and abstract ones. They can create a great deal of visual impact.

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7. Abstract Splash Brushes

Best Photoshop Brushes
Image Credit: Evanto Elements

Create a unique design with these abstract splash brushes. They’re perfect for creating posters, branding, packaging, and logo design. You can also use them for business cards, invitations, and social media design.

You can use them to realize your wildest ideas in design, from posters and branding to portraits and logo design.

These brushes bring out your creative side and help you design stunning art pieces easily.

8. Pen Brushes

Best Photoshop Brushes
Image Credit: Evanto Elements

This set of 136 high-quality and resolution pen brush versions is simple and easy to use. Following the simple instructions will ensure your success in creating amazing creative works.

It includes 1344 – 3080 px Adobe Photoshop compatible brushes for creating amazing pen drawings and sketch effects.

The included readme file includes installation instructions and a list of compatible software versions.

9. Cloudy Smoke Brushes

Best Photoshop Brushes
Image Credit: Evanto Elements

Cloudy Smoke Brushes are very creative, and their high resolution makes them perfect for adding to any project.

You can use them as photo overlays, for digital photo manipulation, as visual effects for games or artwork, or as decorative elements!

You’ll love the results you get with these brushes. With high resolution and a large number of variations, they’re perfect for adding to any project.

10. Geometric Brushes

Best Photoshop Brushes
Image Credit: Evanto Elements

This set of 16 geometric brushes is perfect for creating amazing geometric designs and templates.

They are simple to use, yet will save you hours of time, not to mention the endless fun they provide!

These adjustable and scalable stroke brushes are great to create clean strokes, geometric patterns, web elements, and more.

The high-quality and resolution brushes are simple and easy to use, while also being compatible with Photoshop versions CS6, CC, CC 2015.5, CC 2017, CC 2018, CC 2019, CC 2020, CC 2021, and CC 2022+.

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11. Elegant Floral Brushes

Best Photoshop Brushes
Image Credit: Evanto Elements

This collection of floral Photoshop brushes will bring you some enigmatic beauty, just open yourself for it! Each petal has a story to tell, so how about an entire composition?

15 Photoshop brushes serve as an elegant example of how you can tell your own story through flower images without finding it either too complicated or time-consuming.

For an ultimate emotional experience try mixing and matching the brushes, reaping them, and place beneath another with a different grade of transparency.

You know I’m adept at creative experiments, so this tool is perfect for your artistic games. Will you use floral brushes to ornament fabrics, stationery, or craft stickers? Finally, you now have everything to have it sleek.

12. Rocks and Mountains Brushes

Best Photoshop Brushes
Image Credit: Evanto Elements

Rocks and Mountains Stamp Photoshop Brushes is a set of 12 high-resolution brushes that are designed to help you create a variety of different textures.

These brushes are great for adding a bit of extra dimension to your work, or even just for putting an interesting touch on a textured background.

These brushes have been designed to look like real rocks, with cracks and crevices that make them look like they were really formed from nature.


Pretty much any brush set can be used to create amazing designs, but these brushes are so versatile, you can use them in a wide variety of ways.

First, you can use some for ‘artistic’ designs, like the clouds or stars brushes. Then, if you want to take it up a notch, you can get very creative with some of the other fx brushes and create your own shapes, patterns, and even lettering!

Now that you know several top resources for Photoshop brushes, it’s up to you to decide which ones are right for your own endeavors. Remember that the selection of the best photoshop brushes is a subjective matter, and it’s entirely possible these twelve options won’t appeal to everyone’s tastes.

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Where to get the best Photoshop brushes?

Evanto Elemnts is a good site for free Photoshop brushes. It has many thousands of brushes in the library which can be downloaded for free, but you need to register an account before you can do so.

What brushes do artists use in Photoshop?

In my experience, I’ve found that bristle brushes are the best choice. Flat brushes have their uses but they rarely produce realistic effects while softer and smaller brushes can work as well. Keep experimenting with different combinations of sliders under the brush options to discover what works best for a given situation.

Which blending brush is best in Photoshop?

For soft edges it will depend on the image you’re trying to use. If an image with very soft brush strokes or a painting style, then I would recommend the mixer brush. Otherwise, if the image is solid but has hard lines and defined edges, then I would go with the default brush.

Do brushes matter in Photoshop?

Brushes are one of many essential tools that a Photoshop user should have in their box of tricks. You can save time on tedious tasks by using them, or if you’re creating art for commercial usage, brushes can help you get the look and feel that your client is looking for with minimal effort on your end.

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