12 Excellent Online Graphic Design Courses (2023)

Online courses are a proven way to learn new skills and boost your income. Because we are so passionate about visual design and graphic design, we take every opportunity to learn from the best.

Graphic design has become one of the most popular careers in recent years. This is for good reason – graphic designers build layouts, logos, leaflets, and more.

As a graphic designer, you are essentially making what not many others want to make – visual arts that appeal to the eyes and hearts of billions of Internet users across the globe.

We’ve scoured the internet and found 12 excellent online graphic design courses that will help you launch a new career in graphic design or just produce better designs for your clients.

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Why should you learn graphic design from an online course?

Graphic design is a great field to get into, but it can be challenging to find a good program that’s affordable. If you’re looking for the best value in graphic design training, look no further than an online course.

Online learning has made it possible for people all over the world to access quality education, and graphic design is no exception.

Many programs offer interactive lessons, allowing you to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. And with most online courses costing less than $100 per year (and many are free!), you’ll save thousands of dollars compared to traditional classroom learning.

The best part of all this? Why not learn while doing something fun? With online courses, you can watch videos on your phone or tablet while commuting or watching TV at night—or even while playing video games!

If you love the design and want to turn those creative thoughts into reality without having to take out student loans or quit your job, an online course is definitely worth considering.

Online Graphic Design Courses

1. Graphic Design for Beginners

By Silvia Ferpal
Best Online Graphic Design Courses
Image Credit: Domestika
Graphic design is comprised of several key concepts that you need to know in order to create an effective visual message.
Silvia Ferpal, graphic designer, visual artist, and winner of the 2019 Spanish National Design Award teaches you the traditional principles of design that will help you take on any project that comes your way.
In this course, learn how shape, typography, color, and composition work together to create a unified message for your final project.

2. Compositional Techniques for Graphic Design

By Javier Alcaraz
Best Online Graphic Design Courses
Image Credit: Domestika

In this course, graphic designer Javier Alcaraz teaches you how to create an efficient graphic structure for your next project.

As a specialist in editorial, branding, and typography projects, Javier explains the key components of creating a visual language and how to articulate ideas through design.

Find out the strategic approach behind different compositional axes. Learn about the fundamentals of composition, working with type, and achieving harmony in your designs.

Finally, learn the rule of thirds and golden ratio–along with how to apply them–to create more compelling compositions.

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3. Color Applied to Graphic Design

By Leire Fernández and Eduardo Herrera
Best Online Graphic Design Courses
Image Credit: Domestika

Color is an integral part of daily life and can play a fundamental role in graphic design and visual communication.

In this online course, Leire Fernández and Eduardo Herrera, university professors, researchers, and experts in graphic design, teach you about the attributes and versatility of color applied to this discipline.

Following your teachers’ analytical and practical approach, learn how to appreciate and understand the communicative value of color to make designs with strong visual impact.

This course is ideal for designers, illustrators, photographers, and visual artists who want to communicate ideas through color.

It’s also an excellent resource for art teachers and anyone else who wants to learn how to use color effectively.

4. Minimalist Graphic Design for Big Ideas

By Julian Montague
Best Online Graphic Design Courses
Image Credit: Domestika

Award-winning graphic designer and artist Julian Montague teach you how to create striking imagery that expresses complex messages in a compelling way.

His clients include Sonos and Continental Tires, and he has published a book on his satirical take on the science behind the stray shopping carts of Eastern North America. In this course, he teaches you how to think conceptually and use words and graphics to communicate complex themes using Adobe Illustrator.

Learn how to generate ideas, improve your observation skills, and experiment with colors, spacing, and vector shapes to create bold designs.

5. Introduction to Sustainable Graphic Design

By Núria Vila
Best Online Graphic Design Courses
Image Credit: Domestika

In this course, creative director and graphic designer Núria Vila will share the key elements of sustainable design and teach you how to create projects that are better for the planet.

Learn about different environmental criteria and discover how each one affects your work so that you can minimize your ecological footprint as a designer.

By taking inspiration from nature and going beyond aesthetics, you can reduce the environmental impact of your projects. In this course, you’ll learn how to carry out your work with more sustainable methods.

This course is for graphic designers, visual creatives, and marketing directors who are looking to practice sustainable design in their professional work.

6. Basic Principles of Graphic Design

By Christopher Pierce
Best Online Graphic Design Courses
Image Credit: Domestika

Creative director and cofounder Christopher Pierce believes that less is more, which is why his design proposals for clients aim to help them reach their full potential with more new ways of connecting with audiences.

In this course, Christopher teaches you the foundations of graphic design so you can apply them to your own creative process, from the brief to the finishing touches.

Familiarize yourself with the more technical aspects from scratch and analyze basic design principles like color theory and typography. Then put it all into practice by creating an event poster using Adobe Illustrator.

Learn how to create an event poster using Adobe Illustrator by first learning about the more technical aspects from scratch and analyzing basic design principles.

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7. Graphic Design with Geometric Shapes

By Esteban Ibarra
Best Online Graphic Design Courses
Image Credit: Domestika

In this course, graphic designer Esteban Ibarra teaches you how to create a strong visual universe using just circles, squares, and triangles.

You will learn that graphic artist is capable of anything so long as their work boasts good bones, properly structured typography, and attention to detail.

Esteban provides you with the principles and practical advice on how to design quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality. You’ll be able to gain a consistent and recognizable look for your brand.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to produce any graphic resource a brand could need as well as tell stories through geometry.

8. Graphic Design with a Social Impact

By Giulia Fagundes
Best Online Graphic Design Courses
Image Credit: Domestika

Learn to develop visual identities that engage with social issues, and give value to your brand. Award-winning designer Giulia Fagundes teaches you how to develop a graphic project with a social impact, step by step.

Designer Giulia Fagundes shows you how to use your talent and creativity to create a social design project that will make an impact.

In this course, learn to create a visual identity for a brand that translates ideas and social causes close to home, as well as promote and present your work.

She shows you the importance of a solid conceptual basis that is closely connected to the project’s visual aesthetic and gives you some tips on how to promote and present your work.

9. Adobe Illustrator for Graphic Design

By Valeria Dubin
Best Online Graphic Design Courses
Image Credit: Domestika

Valeria Dubin teaches you how to use Illustrator to develop any graphic design project from scratch.

She has extensive experience working with brands like Barceló Hoteles, La Xunta de Galicia, and the CCCB as well as on projects such as Pixar: 25 Years of Animation at the Caixa Forum in Barcelona, Spain.

In this six-course Domestika Basics course, Valeria teaches you how to create a logo and corporate stationery; design patterns, textures, and promotional posters; and more.

Finish this course by Valeria Dubin and gain the skills you need to complete professional-grade work for any graphic design project using an efficient workflow in Adobe Illustrator.

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10. Creating Graphic Design Mockups

By Clara Fernández and Francisco Andriani
Best Online Graphic Design Courses
Image Credit: Domestika

In this course, Clara Fernández and Francisco Andriani, from the renowned design studio Asís, will teach you how to create your own mockups to show and promote your design projects.

During this class, Clara Fernández and Francisco Andriani, renowned designers from Asís Studio, will lead you through all the techniques and resources to achieve impressive and high-quality images, using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Explore all the techniques and resources to achieve impressive and high-quality images, using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Learn how to create mockups to showcase your design projects in a professional and attractive way with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

11. Aspirational Graphic Design: Create a Better Future

By Nathan Smith
Best Online Graphic Design Courses
Image Credit: Domestika

Designer Nathan Smith is committed to designing with values in mind. His designs have been awarded and recognized by organizations such as D&AD, Design Museum Designs of The Year, The Guardian, and CNN.

He believes that designers have the world’s problems in their hands. The way we design affects how we think and act.

In this course, he will take you through the creative process involved in designing a poster for a better future. You’ll learn what it means to be a responsible graphic designer.

Learn what it means to be a responsible graphic designer and how to use your work to inspire positive change in the world.

Each of the posters in this course is a piece of artwork that helps to inspire positive social change.

12. Introduction to Minimalist Graphic Design

By Rafael Bernardo
Best Online Graphic Design Courses
Image Credit: Domestika

Hone your perception skills and learn how to create clean, expressive designs using basic shapes.

In this online course, learn from designer, typographer, and brand developer Rafael Bernardo as he takes you through his perspective on minimalism and guides you step by step to consciously simplify your design process.

Work with your hands–not just the computer! All you need are black and white paper plus cutting/pasting tools.

Design a poster with a message using only basic shapes–squares, triangles, and circles. Test your perception and sharpen your creative senses.

Design for maximum impact with the least amount of work. You’ll learn how to simplify your designs, working from big to small, starting at the level where the most thought and planning goes in–the concept.


With the array of available online graphic design courses, aspiring designers can now study their creative thirst on their own time and at their own pace. The future is truly bright for students of graphic design because of the influx of quality, comprehensive programs that are so readily available.

No one will argue that graphic design is a competitive field. And even though the competition is stiff, those who have mastered their skills and possess the creativity to stand out from the crowd in the digital age, now have a vast array of online graphic design courses to choose from.

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What is the best way to learn graphic design online?

The best way to learn graphic design online is through online courses. Online courses allow you to learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. You can log in whenever you want, from wherever you want, and complete the coursework at your own pace.

Can I learn graphic design in 3 months?

Yes, you can learn graphic design in 3 months.
Graphic design is a skill that can be learned through practice and by following a structured course.
However, because of the amount of time, it takes to build up your portfolio and practice your skills, it can take years to become a fully-fledged designer.

How do I start a career in graphic design?

To get started in graphic design, you’ll want to learn about the field and its history. There are lots of online courses and YouTube videos that can help you get up to speed.
You may also want to take an introductory class in graphic design at a local college or university.
When it comes time to start looking for jobs, check out job boards like Monster and Indeed. You can also post your resume on LinkedIn and apply for positions through social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

Where can I get online graphic design courses at a cheap price?

Domestika and Skillshare offer the best online graphic design courses for beginners, providing a choice of ongoing classes to help you learn from start to finish.

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