10 Logo Color Combinations to Make your Design Stand Out

Color Combination attracts viewers to the website and grabs their attention if it is done properly. They provoke some emotions in the subconscious human mind. Besides, color is one of the most important factors that I consider while designing a logo. A majority of us think that choosing a color for our logo is quite confusing but it is not at all. If you know how to use your eyes, there are various ways through which you can choose an appropriate color.

In this post, I will share my favorite color schemes for logos along with their meaning, symbolism, and how they can make your design stand out.

Logo Color Combinations

1. Orange and Grey

Orange and Grey color combination for Logo Design
Hex Codes: Orange #FF7401, Grey #353F41

For many years, marketers have chosen the color combination of orange and grey because it makes a distinct image.
One of the most fascinating methods to present your company’s logo is to combine orange and grey. Orange and grey is a fantastic color combination for an online clothes store, design agency, or any other online business looking to stand out from the crowd. In fact, an increasing number of people are utilizing orange as a primary hue in their logos.

2. Green and Blue

Hex Codes: Green #94CC46, Blue#0872A2

You are about to evaluate a blue and green color combination for brand identification design. Blue color represents stability, coolness, and tranquility in this context. Blue, unlike red, has no prospect of eliciting excitement or action. It is typically chosen by people who have a sound company plan and hence signifies corporate culture and success symbol.

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3. Ochre and Brown

Orche and Brown color combination for Logo Design
Hex Codes: Ochre #CD9933, Brown #291e08

The ochre and brown color scheme is one of the most popular in graphic design because it provides a natural yet strong impression. It can be utilized to add warmth to your designs, whether they are for a business logo or for personal (creative) branding. Some designers refer to this combination as a camel color scheme.

4. Yellow and Charcoal

Yellow and Charcoal color combination for Logo Design
Hex Codes: Yellow #FFC800, Charcoal #242424

Combining yellow and charcoal colors properly can produce a plethora of eye-catching artistic masterpieces. Yellow, or a variety of yellow colors, can easily be used with charcoal color schemes in your color palettes. Yellow is a vibrant color that represents joy, happiness, and illumination. Charcoal, on the other hand, is a deep, mysterious, and sophisticated color.

5. Red and Navy Blue

Red and Navy Blue color combination for Logo Design
Hex Codes: Red #92210F, Navy Blue #193042

Logos representing institutional institutions or employee associations use a combination of red and navy blue. When it comes to logo designs, the color combination of red and navy blue has never been popular with businesses or customers.

This color scheme represents the unavoidable attitude of effectiveness. Customers are unlikely to object to these colors. As a result, this combination is usually utilized by institutional organizations with strict productivity and professionalism standards, such as construction businesses or medical institutes.

6. Pink and Sky Blue

Pink and Blue color combination for Logo Design
Hex Codes: Pink #EC503A, Sky Blue #77CAB9

Pink is the hue of universal love, acceptance, and collaboration. The hue of sky blue represents harmony and tranquility. The pink and sky blue color scheme evokes a gentle and welcoming feeling in our visitors. It’s one of the most popular color schemes for food and beverage companies’ logos and corporate identities.

7. Turquoise and Beige

Turquoise and Beige color combination for Logo Design
Hex Codes: Turquoise #18A09E, Beige #CCAD76

Clients frequently require that logos express a sense of confidence, security, and trustworthiness, whether for legal, medical, financial, or other professional services. There is no better way to convey this impression than by combining a turquoise and beige color scheme into the design. Use these two colors in your logo design to represent the same qualities in a powerful and professional way.

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8. Green and Black

Green and Black color combination for Logo Design
Hex Codes: Green #056A33, Black #1A1A1A

A combination of Dark green and black colors is used for nature-oriented logo designs. The dark green color represents the nature of forestry, the irrigation system of plants, leaves, stems, and roots of trees. Black color symbolizes the immortality, life, and fertility of nature.

9. Khaki and Grey

Khaki and Grey color combination for Logo Design
Hex Codes: Khaki #B99062, Grey #424242

The color scheme of khaki and grey is modern, sober, and elegant. It is appropriate for corporate websites and logo design. This color combination can be used to create a vintage-style logo design or brand identity.

10. Purple and Orange

Purple and Orange color combination for Logo Design
Hex Codes: Orange #FF5A01, Purple #290060

You want your logo to be memorable, but simply using different shades of the same color can make it forgettable. Why not use two complementary colors when attempting to paint a picture (with colors) in the minds of your customers? Using complementary colors in your design creates tension and movement. It forces the viewer’s eye to move around the color shift. This is why we’ve been seeing a lot of purple and orange color combinations, as well as shade variations.

Color combinations for logos are constantly changing; what is true now may not be true next year, and vice versa. Colors can make or break a logo design and should be carefully chosen for each brand. One of the most important aspects of logo design is selecting the right color combination for the logo. A good color scheme will make your brand memorable, give it personality, express a specific feeling, and highlight the brand throughout the customer journey. The beauty of color schemes is that they are only limited by your imagination.

I hope you enjoyed the above logo color combinations.

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What colors go well together for a logo?

For a logo, I would recommend using one or two colors that are complementary. This means that they are opposites on the color wheel, like red and green, or blue and orange. It also helps to choose a color that goes well with your company’s name or mission statement.

What Colors make a logo stand out?

The colors that make a logo stand out are black, red, and blue. These colors are used in many logos. The reason for this is that these colors are very powerful and can help to make your logo stand out from others.

What are the 5 elements of a good logo?

A good logo is:
1. Simple
2. Memorable
3. Appropriate for the brand
4. Distinctive
5. Versatile

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