15 Best Poster Fonts to Make Big Impact on Your Design

You often see posters with pliable text, which effectively conveys emotion. That’s because typefaces that provide large openings and negative space can bring a big impact on your design.

Whether you are creating your own poster, flyer, or other print materials, using the correct font is critical if you want your work to be noticed.

Posters are big mediums when you want to publicize something or raise awareness. If a poster is designed well, it can make a massive difference. Poster fonts are tools that help in designing attractive posters.

Studying, testing, and analyzing the perfect poster font is a very important aspect for designers. Good fonts can result in a great poster.

We’ve gathered 15 of the best poster fonts to make a huge difference in your poster design.

What is a Poster Font?

A poster font is a typeface with thick strokes and sharp edges. It’s often used on posters or signs to make them stand out from the rest of the text on a page.

In the past, many poster fonts were created by hand in order to make them look more like handwriting. Today, there are digital versions that make it much easier for designers to create these types of fonts quickly and easily.

Poster fonts are useful for creating advertisements and marketing materials for businesses, especially those in the entertainment industry.

The large size of the font makes it easy to read from a distance, which is particularly beneficial if you’re advertising your company at an event or festival.

How to choose the right font for your poster design?

The font you choose for your poster design is arguably the most important choice you’ll make in the process.

The font that you select will help to establish the tone and feel of your poster, and will also determine how easily your audience can read it.

The first thing to consider when choosing a font for your poster is how legible it is. If you choose a font that is too small or too hard to read, then your audience may have difficulty reading all of the information on the poster and may not be able to take away everything that you intended them to learn from it.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing fonts for posters is whether or not they are available in different weights or styles.

If you want to create a bold statement with your poster design, then using a bolder weight might be appropriate; however, if you want something more subtle and understated, then using a lighter weight might better suit your needs.

Best Poster Fonts

1. Beetels

Best Poster Fonts
Image Credit: Evanto Elements

Beetels is a playful and strong font created by Typefactory. The Beetels font works great on print, with its clear-to-read and bold characters.

Beetels is a modern and type-driven font. It was created with the purpose of being easily read, understood, and loved by many.

Professional, playful, and strongly modulated. Four versions are available.

2. WinterLand Font

Image Credit: Evanto Elements

Winterland font is a display typeface with 2 different styles, regular and slant.

It’s perfect for posters, logos, magazines, book covers, banners, T-shirts and headers, or even large-scale artwork.

It’s a great choice if you want to stand out in the crowd and create something remarkable and memorable.

Winterland contains all the characters and alternate letters you need to create original, professional works. It includes support for ligatures and multilingual accents.

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3. Singa

Image Credit: Evanto Elements

Singa is a three-weight classic casual font family that gives amazing results in all types of posters.

It can be used for any branding, product packaging, invitation, quotes, t-shirt design, label design, poster design, logo design, and more.

Singa comes with an Extended character set, Multilingual support, Stylistic Alternates, and other Open Type features that can be accessed by using programs such as Illustrator, InDesign, or CorelDRAW.

4. Wavetone

Image Credit: Evanto Elements

Wavetone is a display typeface inspired by classic advertisements and movie posters. It’s also suitable for other purposes, such as headlines, insignia, badges, invitations, greeting cards, and more.

The vintage feel of Wavetone is combined with OpenType features to make it easy to create attractive messages in your designs.

Wavetone was created to evoke a sense of nostalgia and to capture the feeling of old movie posters, and advertisements of another era.

The hand-drawn details of this font will add a warm, personal touch to any message you wish to convey.

5. Biogem

Best Poster Fonts
Image Credit: Evanto Elements

Biogem is a multi-purpose and versatile display typeface that includes 18 fonts in plain and italic styles.

It has 9 weights ranging from thin to black 90 alternative characters, 4 catchwords, and a large variety of ornaments and symbols.

Biogem is a clever and versatile typeface with a strong personality, ideal for display purposes. It’s great for branding, ads, film titles, and posters.

A bold and playful design, it can be used for branding, film titles, packaging, advertising, and posters, as well as web or app design.

6. Special Ramen

Image Credit: Evanto Elements

Special Ramen Font is an urban retro typeface with the style of logotype lettering. It was created to help you create a logotype or lettering style for your brand or client.

Ramen Font is the quintessential urban retro voice. It’s inspired by the city of Tokyo and its cryptic culture, which is reflected in this typeface design.

You can also use it for designing all kinds of graphic stuff such as weddings, fashion, invitations, t-shirts, websites, businesses, quotes, headline fonts, branding, advertising, signature, social media, and various print and digital media with a stylish touch.

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7. Noir Pro

Image Credit: Evanto Elements

Noir is a sans serif font family of 12 fonts, ranging from light and elegant weights perfect for a small text to extremely heavy and masculine weights suited for large display sizes.

Noir is a collection of versatile fonts that can be used together or separately. It looks great in print, on mobile devices, and everywhere else.

It has been designed with contemporary aesthetics heavily influenced by early 20th-century geometric typefaces while maintaining its geometric structure; it carries an organic personality with a touch of warmth injected into each form.

It has a rich arsenal of Open Type features for highly professional use and extended Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek language support.

8. Denominary

Image Credit: Evanto Elements

The Denominary typeface has an advanced feature that sets it apart from others: auto-active contextual alternates.

Contextual alternates will push your typography project to a balanced form, whether you’re designing a logo or branding package.

Designed to be practical, Denominary is a display font family with contextual alternates. It’s a typeface that offers a natural voice, and fluid and legible letterforms in a stylish way.

They designed the letterform by considering the white space and contrast to get a natural voice and fluid–and of course, this will happen in a legible and stylish way.

9. Blockhead

Image Credit: Evanto Elements

Blockhead is a robust slab serif font, designed to draw attention and highlight any project.

Blockhead is a powerful, industrial-inspired slab serif font with an accessible touch. It has three weights and extensive Latin support.

Its geometric structure and sharp edges give it an industrial feel that can be softened by the thin, rounded slab serifs on certain letterforms, giving it a modern touch as well.

This typeface has three weights, each with 252 glyphs (uppercase and lowercase) and extensive Latin script support.

Blockhead is perfect for bold headlines and logos as well as short text blocks where you want to add emphasis.

10. Fusterd

Best Poster Fonts
Image Credit: Evanto Elements

Check out Fusterd Font, a fun and imperfect modern brushed script font with a touch of uniqueness driven. Use it to design wedding invitations, street ads, Instagram posts, t-shirt designs, branding, and more.

Fusterd Font is a type family inspired by brush lettering and cool styles, with a light-hearted look but still within the boundaries of being a highly usable and functional font.

It will come with alternate characters, including initial and terminal letters, ligatures, number alternates, and so on.

Fusterd Font is a modern doodle font, be ready for your next design with this typeface.

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11. Kuileru

Best Poster Fonts
Image Credit: Evanto Elements

Kuileru Font is a modern and authentic font. Perfect for both the professional and branding needs of a product.

The font itself is modern and professional, with a classic feel. As it’s made up of only uppercase letters and numbers, it gives a more informal look than the lowercase letters of a traditional font.

This font is suitable for any branding project like quotes, logos, blog headers, posters, banding, letter, invitation, stationery, etc…

Designed as versatile and flexible that can be used on a range of projects and mediums. outstanding in a wide range of contexts.


Best Poster Fonts
Image Credit: Evanto Elements

STENCILAND is a stylized typeface that is perfect for use in logos and other branding projects.

It is a smart font that helps you create in-depth designs by making simple cuts. Create alluring messages that will leave an impression wherever you use them!

This font is also well-suited for use in movie posters and banners to get mind-blowing results. Try it out and see how easy it is to get a professional-looking result in no time!

13. Jawoni Blew

Image Credit: Evanto Elements

Jawoni Blew Font is a modern, authentic font that’s perfect for both professional and branding needs. This font works great for any branding project like quotes, logos, blog headers, and posters.

It can also be used on band names, lettering, invitations, stationery, etc. Designed as a versatile and flexible typeface that can be used on a range of projects and mediums with outstanding results.

It is perfect for adding a touch of personality to your design projects. Use it to add some vintage character to your text or create something really unique with the alternate glyphs.

14. Hothead Western

Best Poster Fonts
Image Credit: Evanto Elements

HOTHEAD, an upper and lowercase serif font inspired by western American culture. This font is traditional yet modern, still having a strong, western vintage touch.

It has a wide range of character support, including numerals and punctuation marks, as well as upper and lowercase letters. This versatile font can be used in creating eye-catching logos, headers, posters, and packaging designs.

HOTHEAD has 258 glyphs (including characters A-Z, numerals, and punctuation), extensive Latin script language support, and was carefully designed to be versatile: it allows you to create bold logos, headers, posters, and stand-out packaging designs.

15. Yafeu

Best Poster Fonts
Image Credit: Evanto Elements

Yafeu Sans Serif Font Family is a luxurious and fashionable sans-serif typeface that looks stunning in every context.

A stylish and fashionable type of family, Yafeu Sans Serif can be used for wedding invitations, books, and magazines. The font is also ideal for poster designs.

It contains 2 weights, which makes it perfect for magazine headlines, logos, invitations, texts, presentations, posters, notices, titles, and other types of branding material.

Yafeu Sans Serif font has a strong geometric structure yet it does not look mechanical. It embodies sophisticated elegance, drawing inspiration from the stylish packaging of premium brands.


Choosing the right font can radically affect how your poster is perceived by its intended audience. If you want to make a statement that screams, “I put a lot of time and effort into this,” then structured and condensed font families will do the trick.

But if you’re looking for something a little more laidback, almost handwritten and casual, consider picking up a font from the display or script family. You may even choose to go with both for maximum effect!

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What is the easiest font to read on a poster?

The easiest font to read on a poster is one that is bold, but not too bold. The best fonts are clear and easy to read from a distance.

How to choose the right poster?

If you’re looking to print a poster, there are a few things you need to know.
First, make sure the paper is thick enough to handle the ink and moisture. Second, make sure it’s not too flimsy that it’s likely to tear or fall apart easily. Third, look for smooth surfaces that will allow for easy application of the ink.

What is the most popular font style?

The most popular font style is serif. Serif fonts are characterized by small lines at the end of each character, which can make them more legible than sans-serif fonts, which don’t have this feature.

Does the selection of fonts affect the design of a poster?

Yes, the selection of fonts affects the design of a poster.
The selection of fonts for your poster should be based on the type of poster that you are designing. Fonts can help make your poster more visually appealing, but they can also detract from your message if used incorrectly.

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